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It’s obvious! If you want to have an above-average business and make an above-average income, you have to stand out. To stand out in today’s economy, you need to erect your business on four essential (4) pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Develop and maintain a 5-star online reputation.
  • Pillar 2: Market your 5-star reputation.
  • Pillar 3: Remove platitudes from your marketing.
  • Pillar 4: Innovate your offers.

You probably haven’t seen these 4 pillars together before. But the world of marketing has changed. This change requires us to implement these 4 pillars, if we are going to be the business our prospects choose.

You are probably asking: “Where does my branding fit in all this?”

Well, for local businesses, your reputation is your branding. Colors may be nice. Your website design may be cute. But customers don’t care about those…really!

They care about what it’s going to be like doing business with you. And to find that out, they look at reviews about your company…your online reputation.

That’s why the first pillar is reputation.

So let’s talk about these pillars in a little more detail…


Pillar 1: Develop and maintain a 5-star online reputation

Even when given a personal recommendation by a friend, 87% of consumers go online to check a company’s reputation before deciding to do business with the company.

And over 70% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

This means that if you are a business-to-consumer company wanting to attract new customers, you have to build a 5-star reputation to stand out above your competitors that have 2, 3, and even 4 stars to be chosen.

To begin building and maintaining a 5-star reputation, use this free reputation report builder to find out what’s being said about you online and what you can do about it: Reputation Report


Pillar 2: Market your 5-star reputation

Having a 5-star reputation is great. And if you want to increase your market share, you’ve got to market that reputation.

Obvious! Right!

Having your existing customers rave about you is one thing. Letting the rest of the world know about it is another.

There are some great tools that make you stand out when marketing your reputation. Two (2) powerful ones are: a Review Video, and an Expert Interview. Here is an example of each:

Review Video: Review Video Example
Expert Interview: Expert Interview Example

You are probably thinking that one of these videos would cost a lot to produce! You would be right!

However, if you qualify for our beta test program while it’s running, we’ll absorb all the costs to produce a video for you.

Schedule a 15-minute call with us to see if you qualify. Use our online calendar here: Schedule Online .  Or call 925-237-9266.


Pillar 3: Remove platitudes from your marketing

In the mind of a consumer, platitudes make you appear to be just like everyone else.

Almost all advertisers in an industry say the same basic things in their marketing. They say things like: “been in business since…”, “honesty and integrity”, “licensed, bonded and insured”, etc. Then they try to appear different by using a clever tag line or attractive ad.

But to the consumer, the marketing messages all say the same thing. So, since the consumer can’t tell the difference between companies based on what the ads say, the only difference becomes, “What’s your price?”

To charge what you are truly worth, you must stand out as different, unique, or special substantively, not superficially.

You can only stand out substantively by “dumping”…getting rid of…platitudes in your marketing pieces.

How can you tell when you are using platitudes? How do you define a platitude? Watch this video to find out: 3 Forbidden Phrases .


Pillar 4: Innovate your offer(s)

Innovation keeps your business fresh for your customers. But more importantly, it allows you to keep up with changes affecting them so you give them what is important and relevant to them now.

Without keeping up with their changing wants and desires, your business will slowly lose relevance and be replaced in your customers’ minds with another business that does keep up.

So how do you innovate if you are a small business without a big R&D department?

Read this free report to find out how: Innovate Your Local Business


The 4 pillars above will set you on a firm foundation to standing out. But if you are determined to dominate and rule your local market, read our FREE report: Three Major Obstacles To Dominating Your Market.


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